ViiV Healthcare Investigator-Sponsored Studies Programme

ViiV Healthcare is an independent, global specialist HIV company established in 2009 with commitment to deliver innovative new options for the care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. As part of the commitment, we recognise the valuable role that our support of investigator-sponsored studies (ISS) plays in fulfilling this mission. An investigator-sponsored study is a research effort where the sponsor of the work is the investigator, healthcare institution, or some form of medical network external to ViiV and is seeking our support to conduct the work. This support can be in the form of product, funding, or a combination of both.

We only support ISS that have a legitimate scientific purpose. The decision to support a study proposal is based on the importance of the research objectives to medical science or patient care, the scientific rationale for the proposed methodology, and the ability of the study sponsor to deliver a high-quality ethical study.

We do not support ISS in order to reward healthcare professionals for using, purchasing, recommending, or prescribing ViiV products or to persuade them to do so by supporting proposed research.

For more information about the ViiV ISS Programme, please contact a member of the Medical team.



UK/HIV/0046/16(1) Date of Prep: March 2017